Range of Mini Excavators from TATA HITACHI

Excavation sometimes happens in the most demanding conditions where regular size excavators are unable to reach and for that reason TATA HITACHI brings to you its range of mini excavators. Fast, agile, strong and sophisticatedly equipped to take on the narrow roads, these excavators are prepared to perform almost all the tasks of a regular excavator with almost no footprints or tread marks that could otherwise damage the roads. Utility, versatility and durability is what these products are made for and render best-in-class returns on investment. For any queries call us on 0674-2586185, 2585097 or email us at response@trishul.in or

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With yet another class leading excavator, Tata Hitachi presents its all new Backhoe loader – the SHINRAI.

With yet another class leading excavator, Tata Hitachi presents its all new Backhoe loader – the SHINRAI. Backed with the trust and reliability of Tata Hitachi world wide, this machine comes loaded with incomparable and class leading features like improved power and high pulling ability at lower RPM, improved mileage, increased engine life, better terrain handling abilities, rubber tyre mounts for markless and damage free road treading, spacious air conditioned cabin with all modern amenities, feather touch controls, suspension seating, easy switching between backhoe and loader modes, longer arms and bucket auto leveling for shorter loading time, multiple attachments like

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Construction Excavators

With Odisha rapidly growing in infrastructural sector, Trishul trade brings to you the latest range of TATA HITACHI construction excavators, the leader in excavators range worldwide. Loaded with heavy duty engine for the most demanding tasks, these excavators come in various sizes and power to be used in multiple and/or any particular task. These machines come equipped with various heavy duty loaders and digging arms fitted to the machine, which can perform for long hours and in the most treacherous of environments. For any queries call us on 7894435333 or email us at response@trishul.in or visit www.trishul.in. Alternatively click on

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Dump Trucks

Dump Truck – An Inevitable Vehicle for Construction and Mining Industry

A dump truck is a truck used for moving material such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste for construction. It is also used in mines and collieries to move ores and coal. It is known as dumper/tipper truck in UK. Basically it is a truck with an open-box bed fitted to its rear. The open-box is lifted from the front side by a hydraulic ram and materials loaded on the bed are dumped on the ground at the backside of the truck. Tata Hitachi’s models of Rigid Dump Trucks (RDT) are designed to match the load size of the material

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TATA HITACHI ZAXIS 140 H Construction Excavators

Construction Excavators -Thrust to Infrastructure

Nowadays one can find Construction excavators manufactured by TATA HITACHI on any work site in Odisha. TATA HITACHI excavators are developed to cater to the needs of the customers and to work under tough conditions. The Construction sector in India is considered to be the second largest employer and contributor to economic development, after agriculture sector. The Construction sector also accounts for most inflow of FDI after the services sector and employs more than 35 million people in the country.   Construction Excavators are used in all types of constructions to excavate, move construction material, remove construction waste etc. They

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