Dump Truck – An Inevitable Vehicle for Construction and Mining Industry

Dump Trucks

A dump truck is a truck used for moving material such as sand, gravel, or demolition waste for construction. It is also used in mines and collieries to move ores and coal. It is known as dumper/tipper truck in UK. Basically it is a truck with an open-box bed fitted to its rear. The open-box is lifted from the front side by a hydraulic ram and materials loaded on the bed are dumped on the ground at the backside of the truck.

Dump Trucks

Tata Hitachi’s models of Rigid Dump Trucks (RDT) are designed to match the load size of the material to be handled. These trucks are a perfect complement to the hydraulic excavators. Hydraulic Excavator loads materials on the Dump Truck. The Dump Truck transports the materials and unloads by a hydraulic ram mounted on it. These RDTs are equipped with advanced suspension systems, unique body design, and reliable electrical system and have a track record of performance and unfailing productivity.

It is common to see a EH 600 at construction sites, on the road, and at dump yards. EH 600 model Dump Trucks are manufactured by TATA HITACHI Construction Machinery Company Ltd. This 35 tonne capacity Dump Trucks are very popular all over the world for its efficiency and easy operation. It is an off-road vehicle and can reach inaccessible places.

Dump Truck

The Tata-Hitachi EH-600 RDTs are designed for fuel efficiency, longevity and ease of operation. The Rigid Dump Trucks boast a number of other features that support these principles. The Turbo-charged 4-cycle high torque engine works on gross power of 298 KW (400 HP). All vital parts such as engine, transmission, differential and hub reduction are easily accessible for service and maintenance.