Category: Hydraulic Excavators

EX 8000-6

EX 8000-6 Mining Excavator

The EX 8000-6, the largest excavator in the portfolio, is capable of exceptional levels of productivity. The maximum operating efficiency comes from the computer-aided Engine-Pump

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EX 5600-6 Mining Excavator

The EX 5600-6 is equipped with two powerful engines, and also has a large-capacity bucket, shaped to enhance the efficiency of its operations. Its durable

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EX 3600-6 Mining Excavator

Known for its extraordinary performance and dependability, the EX 3600-6 also sets a new standard in simple operation, machinist comfort and much more.

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EX 2600-6

EX 2600-6 Mining Excavator

With an environment friendly emission control engine, the EX 2600-6 delivers utmost efficiency. Its large-capacity bucket is shaped to enhance scoop and loading operations.

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EX 1900-6 Mining Excavator

The EX 1900-6 is an advanced hydraulic mining excavator with a powerful engine. It offers a large bucket, comfortable cabs, strong frames, and much more

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EX 1200 V

EX 1200 V Mining Excavator

TThe EX1200-V is one of Hitachi’s most compact backhoe excavators. With exceptional power and force, it features a low weight and high mobility. This sophisticated,

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ZX 870 5G

ZX 870 5G Mining Excavator

The ZX 870-5G, equipped with HIOS IIIB hydraulic system, has an increased operating speed with less fuel consumption, resulting in greater productivity and lower running

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