Our design philosophy at Tata Hitachi centres around the needs of the customer. Through innovative techniques, we develop solutions that cater to the needs of Indian customers, working under tough conditions in a competitive market.

Tata Hitachi’s EX70 Prime Series Hydraulic Excavator sets benchmarks in all these areas. The machine has been designed to provide precision control, high fuel efficiency, high productivity, superior operator comfort, excellent versatility and unmatched return on investment.

EX 200 is a construction excavator powered by Hitachi’s original Optimum Hydraulic System.          

Tata Hitachi’s EX 130 Super+ Series of hydraulic excavators are reliable and productive; available in various tailor made options and easily customizable for use with multiple attachments and accessories.

The all-new GI series ZAXIS 140H excavator provides impressive fuel economy, swift front movement and easy operations.

The EX 200LC Super Series construction excavator is India’s most popular hydraulic excavator.

The EX 210LC Super+ Series construction excavator is India’s most popular hydraulic excavator. It offers great return on investment.

Growth in quarry segment fuels the growth in the infrastructure segment. The Quarry segment comes with its own set of unique requirements.

The demand for customized and special machines is growing in the Indian market. The super long reach machines are among some very popular requirements.

ZAXIS 220LC GI Series excavator is equipped with state-of-the-art Japanese technology. Suited for bulk excavation and quarry applications.

The ZAXIS 370LCH GI Series excavator is designed and manufactured for working in granite, marble quarrying and other heavy duty applications.

The ZAXIS 400MTH comes with a rugged engine and the most efficient GI hydraulic aggregate offers a compelling proposition for applications on the toughest strata.