A market leader in mining equipment, Tata Hitachi’s mining excavators combine engineering excellence with a dedication to quality, to make tough machines with long life that meet the challenges of the mining industry.

Tata Hitachi’s tough excavators, or loading shovels, are powerful enough to overcome the harshest, most demanding job requirements in the roughest of terrains.

The new ZAXIS 470H offers key benefits of high quality, low fuel consumption, high durability, and exceptional operator comfort: all of which serve to ensure low running costs.

The ZAXIS 650H provides reliable performance, great fuel economy, swift front movement and easy operation. A rugged and tough machine, this excavator is effective for challenging job sites and is suited for long term projects because of its long product life.

The ZAXIS 870-5G, equipped with HIOS IIIB hydraulic system, has an increased operating speed with less fuel consumption, resulting in greater productivity and lower running costs.

The ‘New Techno Giant’- Tata Hitachi’s EX 1200V – has been designed for absolute safety, productivity, durability and comfort. Equipped with the latest technology, this machine promises higher productivity and tough performance to take on the excavating needs of today and tomorrow.

The EX 1900-6 is an advanced hydraulic mining excavator with a powerful engine. It offers a large bucket, a comfortable cab, strong frames, and much more to take on the world’s most challenging mines and quarries.

With an environment friendly emission control engine, the EX 2600-7 delivers utmost efficiency. Its large-capacity bucket is shaped to enhance scoop and loading operations.

EX 3600-6

Known for its extraordinary performance and dependability, the EX 3600-6 also sets a new standard in simple operations, operator comfort and much more.

The EX 5600-7 is equipped with two powerful engines, and also has a large-capacity bucket, shaped to enhance the efficiency of its operations.

The EX 8000-6, the largest excavator in the portfolio. This machine holds out the promise of exceptional levels of productivity. The computer-aided Engine-Pump Control and the Twin Cummins diesel engines provide maximum power.

The all new ZAXIS 670H excavator embraces Tata Hitachi’s latest advancements in design while performing consistently to meet the tough demands of the mining industry.