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Ultra Short Tail Swing Machine

The design of the new ZAXIS mini excavator has evolved over time in keeping with changing customer expectations. The machine is a pleasure to operate and delivers superior performance. The latest introduction in this mini excavator segment – the new ZAXIS 23U – is a one stop solution for construction, infrastructure, agriculture and utility equipment needs of customers.

ZAXIS 23U is built to deliver high performance, high operator comfort and safety, and is easy to maintain. The engine and the hydraulic system efficiencies have been improved, emphasizing Tata Hitachi’s focus on people, environment, machinery and workability.

The operating space has been carefully designed for operator comfort and safety.  The fully functional wide-open covers are aesthetic in looks. On opening, it enables the operator get a clear access to the wide maintenance area for improved serviceability.

ZAXIS 23U is a mini excavator designed to be used in a wide range of applications with ease. Tata Hitachi’s high performance hydraulic pilot levers enhance the operational efficiency of this machine. ZAXIS 23U is extremely versatile and ably meets the needs of different customer sites.


17.7 PS

Engine Power

2,356 Kg

Operating Weight

0.07 m3

Bucket Capacity


The new ZAXIS 23U hydraulic excavator comes with features, which enable the machine to work in extremely constrained spaces.

  • Compact form factor (Track width of 1450mm)
  • Zero Tail-swing feature
  • Boom swing feature

Also, this compact and versatile machine can be transported easily and efficiently on small carrier pickup vehicles.


Thoughtful features have been provided in the ZAXIS 23U, aimed at providing a safer work environment for operators.

  • 4 pillar canopy with ROPS / TOPS / OPG (Top guard level 1)
  • Lock lever compulsory for engine start
  • Convenient footstep for climbing

ZAXIS 23U is designed to give a comfortable operating environment to the operator. Be it the comfortable seating or the ergonomic positioning of controls, ZAXIS 23U reduces fatigue and makes working more comfortable

  • Low noise engine
  • Comfortable seating
  • Ergonomically designed operator space
  • Easy access to cabin
  • Wrist rest
  • Foot rest

Hitachi’s advanced hydraulic technology powers the ZAXIS 23U, taking the performance of the machine to benchmark levels.

  • Advanced hydraulics
  • Smooth pilot type levers for all operations
  • New wrist control lever
  • Convenient pedal for shifting second speed

Wide opening covers and grouped inspection points help reduce strain on the operator and improves machine maintenance.

  • Wide open covers with dust guard
  • Ground level servicing of all major filters
  • Parallel ROC helps in better cooling efficiency
  • Vertical engine cover helps in carrying out maintenance in constrained space
  • Easy access to engine from rear and top

Durability is built into the design of ZAXIS 23U. The specially designed arm end houses the bucket cylinder hoses for protection.

  • Strong front-end attachment
  • Sturdy bucket
  • Boom cylinder cover
  • Hydraulic hose protectors and guards
  • Sturdy boom
These specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice . The machine depicted may vary from the actual machine. Please contact our nearest office for latest specifications. Accessories shown here are not part of the standard equipment. Performance of the machine may vary with site and operating conditions encountered.